A Magnet Means A World To Me

I don’t remember when I started collecting magnets. I ask for a magnet every time my friends go out of town for vacations. Lucky me, they all remembered to bring me back a magnet. Some people even told me the reason why they chose the magnet for me. I remember all the stories and who gave me the magnets. I love my friends. And I love my magnets.

My refrigerator door looks like a trophy wall to me. After I retired, I lost contact with some of the best people I know. But the refrigerator magnets always remind me of them and the time we spent together. I count my blessings everyday for the new and old friends I do have. You never know how things may change in the future. People move around rather quickly.

Recently my friend from Hong Kong sent me three magnets and a book. It means a lot to me that we became friends. I wanted a Hong Kong magnet for a long time. Somehow it never happened, until now. I especially like the one with the ferry. It reminds me of home, a long time ago. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I can’t wait to check out the book too.

I grew up in Hong Kong. Now I live in the United States. I got home sick looking at the picture.

I added the new magnets to my collection. They look beautiful.

This is a conversation piece. People like to touch and ask questions about the magnets.