Adventure Of A Brownie Presentation

I was so frustrated trying to figure out how to put a presentation in my blog. It took me three days, I finally got it right. For those of you needing a little help to create your presentation, I like to share my experience with you.

To start, go to Posts, Add new post. Give it a title, say something about your new post. Start on a new paragraph, write the codes for the presentation like I did here (see the snap shot below.) Remember, each slide’s content is enclosed by a pair of slide & /slide to signal the begin & end of the slide. Don’t put too much content in one slide, it won’t show the extra text. You can always break it down to a new slide. AND, each presentation is enclosed by a pair of presentation & /presentation to signal the begin and end of the presentation. I know, it gets pretty tricky for us non-programmers. Here we go. We begin our little demo.

This slideshow could not be started. Try refreshing the page or viewing it in another browser.

In order to see the on screen arrows and the icon on the lower right corner, move your mouse pointer over the presentation. You can navigate the slides, or expand the screen.

The presentation background color is set for the entire presentation, not just for one slide. Awesome! You can get the color code by playing with the background color in Appearance, Background.  Just don’t save it for your blog.

————   Here is the snapshot of the shortcodes I used in the brownie demo.   ————

Slide Demo

— The End —