How To Make Pizza At Home

If you have to work all day and don’t have time to cook, then having frozen pizza at home is very convenient. The problem is they don’t taste all that good. I keep changing brands hoping to find one I like. They are either too salty or too sweet, too dry or too wet.

Lucky for me, I found a Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough crust in the refrigerator section and decided to give it a try. That means I am going to make pizza myself, sorta of. My husband helps me in the kitchen. I have some grilled chicken left and I like spinach. So here we go… making spinach pizza at home.

The result was better than I expected. I have since tried it with different ingredients here and there. They were all good. Follow the instructions on the can and add your favorite pizza toppings. Thin pizza crust is definitely a better choice. I don’t like the classic pizza crust, too soft.

Make your favorite pizza at home on weekends because it takes time to get everything ready. But you can always use leftover meat and frozen spinach to save time. I do that all the time. My homemade pizza usually tastes really good. It is a big pizza, enough food for two days. Warm up the cold pizza in a frying pan and cook on low heat for a few minutes. Lunch is ready!


Celebrate Summer – Grill It!

The weather personnel warned people that it is going to reach 100 degrees today, pretty much like the past couple days. Yesterday was 101 degrees, which was unbearable. We were warned not to fire up the grill outside. But we have already made plans to have a barbecue lunch with friends today. Summer is always hot anyway. And we can’t grill in the winter. What is it going to be, grill or no grill?

Of course I take the extreme heat warning seriously. That’s why we decided to start the grill early in the morning. By the time the sun was out, we have prepared the meat, chopped the vegetables. By about 7 o’clock we were already cooking in our backyard. Our neighbors woke up and smelled barbecue. No, it was not a dream.

Asian barbecue pork chops. 

Grilled chicken in two flavors. 

I love the basket, can’t grill without it. No more dropping food to the bottom. 

Now we can enjoy the food inside. The man who invented air conditioning is my hero.

The sweet cherry tomatoes and long beans were picked in our garden. Fresh!

Our friends came over and we had everything ready to put on the table. Everybody loved the grilled vegetables. That gave me an idea to create a recipe for the next cookout. Yes, I am always thinking even when I am eating. We had a great time celebrating 4th of July ahead of time. Red, white, blue.