Flowering Chinese Long Beans

The best part about vegetable gardening is you get to see how plants grow from seeds to seedlings and then mature into crops. It is really a good experience watching the entire growing process. It makes you appreciate vegetables much more.

This year we (me and hubby) are growing the Chinese long beans (豆角 in Cantonese) for the first time. I asked my father for some seeds so we can learn how to grow them. We did not know what to expect since we have never done it before. But thanks to the gardening experience we have had the past few years, the beans are doing really well. We planted eight seedlings, only one did not survive. Their flowers are so pretty. The dark green beans have purple flowers. Light green beans have white flowers. I did not know the flowers only open for a few hours in the morning when the sun comes out. They develop into bean pods in the same day and continue to grow. It takes 60 days, from sowing to pods. Matured long beans hang in pairs. Learn more about long beans here.

Dark green long beans have purple flowers.  

Bean pods are always in pairs. 

Light green long beans have white flowers. 

Lynard made a video for me. It shows the bean flowers developed into bean pods. 


A Magnet Means A World To Me

I don’t remember when I started collecting magnets. I ask for a magnet every time my friends go out of town for vacations. Lucky me, they all remembered to bring me back a magnet. Some people even told me the reason why they chose the magnet for me. I remember all the stories and who gave me the magnets. I love my friends. And I love my magnets.

My refrigerator door looks like a trophy wall to me. After I retired, I lost contact with some of the best people I know. But the refrigerator magnets always remind me of them and the time we spent together. I count my blessings everyday for the new and old friends I do have. You never know how things may change in the future. People move around rather quickly.

Recently my friend from Hong Kong sent me three magnets and a book. It means a lot to me that we became friends. I wanted a Hong Kong magnet for a long time. Somehow it never happened, until now. I especially like the one with the ferry. It reminds me of home, a long time ago. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I can’t wait to check out the book too.

I grew up in Hong Kong. Now I live in the United States. I got home sick looking at the picture.

I added the new magnets to my collection. They look beautiful.

This is a conversation piece. People like to touch and ask questions about the magnets.