Four Seasons

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2 thoughts on “Four Seasons

  1. Very nice blog leslie! Loved the pictures! I’ve never ever seen long beans in my life! Now I have. I planted LOTS of tomatoes this year. Heirloom (orange), yellow, red grape, cherry and big boy tomatoes. I tried to find purple tomatoes but couldn’t find any. (no I don’t do it from seed) I just like to buy the plants and be done with it! We also planted jalapenos and green peppers and zucchini. Zucchini had a bad case of the squash bugs and were destroyed. No more zucchini in my garden. The bugs were nasty looking! Creepy! Keep up the good work! Post pictures of you two. I did see Lynard’s thumb in the picture of grill! Too funny!

    • Thanks Kim. Love seeing you here. I had my share of bad experience growing zucchini too. Those bugs can mess up the entire garden. One year we planted green beans and snow pea pods. We almost lost our garden to the massive bugs that year. Insect spray could not kill them. We took down the beans to get rid of the bugs.

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